What kind of work do I do for my Boss?

What kind of work do I do for my Boss?

I write about gender, work and the modern family. Katie worked at an events planning company, helping her boss design and execute some of the city’s biggest and most important parties, weddings, and fundraisers.

What happens when your boss makes you question your situation?

Your boss causes you to question yourself more than your situation. This is different than shrinking, more specific.

What to do when your colleague becomes your boss?

1. Step Up No matter how you feel about your colleague becoming your new boss, it’s important to buy in early and show that you’re a willing partner. Embrace the situation and get on his calendar. Tell your boss that you are on board with the new team structure, and ask how you can support him during the transition.

What happens when your boss beat you down?

The constant beat downs distract you from the real issue–your boss and the situation you’re in, causing you to doubt yourself at an increasingly alarming rate. This is a crime.

What should I do if I’m Late to a meeting with my boss?

If your boss asks you after the meeting why you were late, you can tell him or her the reason – and let him or her know you’ve made arrangements to keep it from happening again. 3) Make requests vs. complaints. This is an important habit to build just in general, but it’s especially important relative to your boss.

What should you do if your boss doesn’t respect you?

That boss didn’t stick around long. Somebody figured out that she made a better ventriloquist’s dummy than a manager and she was out the door. Over time I learned that you can’t stick around to work for people who don’t respect you. What is the point? If a job only pays your bills, it’s robbing you!

Do you sit down with your boss when it is time to move on?

Most do not sit down with you to say it’s time to move on. The few bosses that do, really do care, and will work with you and help you find the next thing. But what about the boss, who starts saying nothing, or changes the way he or she communicates with you.

When does your boss stop supporting you at work?

The quality and quantity of your work hasn’t changed — your boss’s support for you is what’s missing. Fear is the topic we never discuss at work, although it’s around us all the time. When your boss stops supporting you and decides you’re an invasive species in his or her fishpond, nothing you do will be good enough.