What issues does the Portal-to-Portal Act address?

What issues does the Portal-to-Portal Act address?

The Portal-to-Portal Act requires that employers compensate workers for some activities that occur during the workday. These activities include coffee breaks, rest periods of 20 minutes or less, fire drills and meal times if the worker is not relieved of all job duties.

What is port to Portal Act?

In particular, the Portal-to-Portal Act provides that employers are not required to pay for the time employees spend on activities occurring before or after (“preliminary or postliminary”) they perform the principal activities for which they are employed. …

What is portal-to-portal time?

: of or relating to the time spent by a worker in traveling between the entrance to an employer’s property and the worker’s actual job site (as in a mine) portal-to-portal pay.

What is portal to portal pay?

Portal-to-portal pay is an employee’s earnings from the time they step foot on their employer’s property until the time they leave. An example of portal-to-portal pay is a landscaper getting paid for three hours spent at an employer’s house, while only doing actual work for two of those hours. noun.

When does the portal to Portal Act apply?

As per 29 CFR § 785.36, this may not apply if the employee is simply asked to return to his or her regular workplace. The Portal-to-Portal Act also mandates that an employer treat time it takes an employee to get from one workplace to another during the same workday as hours worked.

How is the Fair Labor Standards Act affected by Portal Act?

(a) In the application of the minimum wage and overtime compensation provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act to activities of employees on or after May 14, 1947, the determination of hours worked is affected by the Portal Act only to the extent stated in section 4 (d). This section requires that:

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