What is the job description of a detention officer?

What is the job description of a detention officer?

Job Description of a Detention Officer. Detention officers work to ensure the safe confinement of prisoners in a wide variety of settings. Many detention officers work in jails, overseeing prisoners after they have been arrested and before they go to trial.

Can a private security guard work in a public building?

Public buildings, including those controlled by state and local governments, may also hire security guards rather than rely on sworn law enforcement officers who could instead be put to work patrolling the community. Private security guards may work steady shifts or according to the needs of their employer.

What are the requirements to work in a detention center?

Every detention center requires their officers to pass a comprehensive and in-depth background check to make sure they have no criminal convictions. Most centers also have extensive physical and situational tests that an applicant must pass to prove that they are fit to work in such a dangerous setting.

Can a security guard do what a police officer can?

While security guards do have the power to apprehend and detain non-violent suspects such as shoplifters, only police officers can serve arrest warrants and make legal arrests. Police officers can enter and conduct legal searches of private buildings and houses.

Where can I find employment for a security guard?

Guard aliens held by immigration service pending further investigation before being released or deported. Take into custody delivers aliens to designated jail, juvenile detention facility, hospital, court, claims office, immigration facility, or other areas to transact business. Es…

Which is an example of a security guard contract?

Check our related employment contracts templates examples for security guard. 1. Security Guard Answer alarms investigate disturbances. Write reports of daily activities irregularities like equipment or property damage, theft, presence of unauthorized persons, or unusual occurrences.

How many security officers go through their career without making an arrest?

Many security officers go through their entire career in security without ever making an arrest.

Can a security officer detain someone pending an investigation?

Unlike police officers, security officers do not have the power to detain an individual pending an investigation. The security officer must determine that an arrest is merited prior to detaining the arrestee.