What does a substitute teacher do in a school setting?

What does a substitute teacher do in a school setting?

Substitute teachers assume the role of the class instructor in the absence of the permanent teacher. With very few exceptions, most substitute teachers work in a typical school setting. However, they may be asked to provide tutoring in designated locations or to attend school-related events.

Do you need a background check to become a substitute teacher?

Many state school boards and school districts do require you to submit to a background check before you can become a substitute teacher. In fact, some require that you submit to a special background check that is more intensive because you will be working with children.

What’s the average salary for a substitute teacher?

Data source tooltip for average base salary. The average salary for a substitute teacher is $15.16 per hour in the United States. Was the salaries overview information useful?

Do you need a certification to be a substitute teacher?

Many schools, school districts, and state school boards require a certification to be a substitute teacher. However, the requirements differ pretty dramatically, so call or go online to check your local school district’s requirements. You may not need a full teaching certification to be a substitute teacher.

Can a substitute teacher use a school district computer?

As a substitute, you may not use any school district computer unless it is to be used as part of the lesson plan that you are required to follow. That each day that the substitute teacher is in the classroom is still a day of education for our students. You must follow all lesson plans and instructions that have been left by the classroom teacher.

Can a substitute teacher bypass the classroom teacher instructions?

You may never bypass the classroom teachers instructions. Teacher Substitutes are expected to stay and work as assigned by the principal or the principal’s designee in order to be paid for the full absence whether it is 4 hours or the full day of 7.5 hours.

How to become a substitute teacher in Palm Beach County?

The VPK Substitute Pool is a unique subset of the School District Substitute Pool. Professional Development may be included for these positions. Please view the PreK Substitute Flyer for more information. You retired from a K-12 classroom teaching position.