What do you do if you have an HR problem?

What do you do if you have an HR problem?

What to Do Before Communicating with HR

  1. Know your rights and their limitations. Research your local state employment rights.
  2. Talk to your boss. If you feel safe and comfortable doing so, try having a discussion with your boss.
  3. Record any incidents.
  4. Follow complaint procedure.

Can a union rep refuse a meeting with HR?

You might need to meet first with your HR rep before inviting the union rep to the meeting. Once you have agreement between the Union and HR, I would invite the rep and the employee to a meeting with HR to discuss what can and can’t be required of the employee in terms of meetings and professional development.

What should I expect at my HR meeting?

Decide the meeting’s purpose. If you’re considering punitive action, such as termination, demotion or another form of discipline, be prepared to discuss those options during the HR meeting.

How to present work problems to HR staff?

Schedule a time to discuss your problems with an HR staff member. If possible, schedule the meeting for late in the day, so you can leave work soon thereafter if you tend to react emotionally to work issues. Calmly express your concerns to the HR staff member, refraining from exhibiting a confrontational or negative attitude or tone.

What should I say to my HR rep?

Don’t try to sell your HR person on your viewpoint. Just tell it as it is. Be prepared. Have a purpose for your meeting and line up the who / what / where / why / how of the situation or concern you’re sharing. Don’t go in only having a vague idea of what you’ll be saying. Describe facts, not feelings.

What should be discussed in an HR meeting?

Keeping interests of employees, managers and HR folks, usually HR meetings are scheduled to discuss following: » Employee performance. » Manager’s feedback. » Annual/ half-yearly appraisals. » Disciplinary issues. » Introduce/ add new company policy. » Important company announcements/ news. » Training needs for individuals.

Why are HR meetings a waste of time?

Employees exasperate hearing about meeting schedules as they feel meeting with HR may consume large part of their time and may add less value to their work. Having said that, I know all of us can afford to spend considerable amount of our time in HR meetings and discuss our concerns.

When do you need to talk to HR about a problem?

Or maybe you’ve advised friends or relatives that they should consult human resources about a problem they’re having at work. As a workplace advice columnist, I spend a lot of time telling people that HR isn’t the right place to take their concerns about their jobs or their bosses.

When to meet with HR to discuss workplace challenges?

Except in extreme cases, such as sexual harassment and misconduct and threats or occurrences of workplace violence where there are policy obligations to take immediate action irrespective of the complainant’s wishes, the HR or equity office will confidentially explore with you options that you would like to pursue.