What do employers need to know about New Mexico?

What do employers need to know about New Mexico?

Employers are required by state and federal law to post at their workplaces certain information concerning the rights of employees.

What are the labor laws in New Mexico?

New Mexico law prohibits an employer from discriminating and retaliating against employees in a variety of protected classes. Employers must also provide equal pay protections. See EEO, Diversity and Employee Relations. In New Mexico, there are requirements relating to the minimum wage, breastfeeding breaks and child labor. See Wage and Hour.

What are the EEO requirements in New Mexico?

Key New Mexico requirements impacting EEO, diversity and employee relations are: The New Mexico Human Rights Act (NMHRA) protects employees from discrimination and harassment based on protected characteristics, such as: Spousal affiliation.

When do you have to pay wages in New Mexico?

New Mexico Stat. 50-4-2 When an employee is discharged from employment by the employer, the employer must pay the employee all wages due within five (5) days of the discharge if the wages are a fixed an definite amount.

Are there any employment laws in New Mexico?

New Mexico does not have any laws prohibiting an employer from requiring an employee to purchase a uniform, tools, or other items necessary for employment.

What do employers need to know about wages in New Mexico?

An employer must provide employees a written receipt identifying the employer and setting forth: the employee’s gross pay, the number of hours worked, the total wages and benefits earned, and. an itemized listing of all deductions withheld from the employee’s wages.

How many employees are required to have workers’compensation insurance in New Mexico?

All businesses that employ three or more workers are required to have coverage. This is also true for employers who have just one employee in New Mexico and two or more employees in another state. The total of three employees in the company triggers the workers’ compensation insurance requirement, no matter the location.

Are there any notice requirements in New Mexico?

Notice Requirements. New Mexico does not have any laws requiring employers to provide employees, whether at hire or at any other time, of notice of wage rates, dates of pay, employment policies, fringe benefits, or other terms and conditions of employment.