What are the regulations for cosmetology in Florida?

What are the regulations for cosmetology in Florida?

477.0263 Cosmetology services to be performed in licensed salon; exception. 477.0265 Prohibited acts. 477.028 Disciplinary proceedings. 477.029 Penalty.

Can a Cosmetology Salon Open without a license?

Yes. Services from nail, facial, and full specialists are considered specialties under Section 477.013 (6), F.S. These services are required to be carried on in a salon or specialty salon. (1) No cosmetology salon or specialty salon shall be permitted to operate without a license issued by the department except as provided in subsection (11).

Who are the members of the Board of Cosmetology?

(1) There is created within the department the Board of Cosmetology consisting of seven members, who shall be appointed by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the Senate, and whose function it shall be to carry out the provisions of this act.

Do you need a salon license in Florida?

Florida requires a salon license for any location where cosmetology or a specialty (nail, facial, full specialists) is practiced. Again, the purpose is to make sure the public in Florida has access to salon services in a safe and sanitary environment.

What do you need to know about cosmetology in Florida?

Skin care services must be performed by a licensed cosmetologist or facial specialist within a licensed cosmetology or specialty salon, and such services may not involve massage, as defined in s. 480.033 (3), through manipulation of the superficial tissue.

Who are the members of the Florida Cosmetology Board?

(2) Five members of the board shall be licensed cosmetologists and shall have been engaged in the practice of cosmetology in this state for not less than 5 years. Two members of the board shall be laypersons.

What is the inactive status of the Florida cosmetology license?

477.0212 Inactive status. 477.0213 Cosmetology graduates of Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind; licenses. 477.022 Examinations.

What are the qualifications for a cosmetologist license?

477.014 Qualifications for practice. 477.015 Board of Cosmetology. 477.016 Rulemaking. 477.017 Legal services. 477.018 Investigative services. 477.019 Cosmetologists; qualifications; licensure; supervised practice; license renewal; endorsement; continuing education. 477.0201 Specialty registration; qualifications; registration renewal; endorsement.