What are the legal requirements for selling a house in California?

What are the legal requirements for selling a house in California?

California law requires sellers to disclose to potential buyers, in writing, any details about the property that could affect the potential buyer’s desire to purchase it or the amount the potential buyer is willing to pay. (See, California Civil Code § 1102 .)

Do you need a business license to do business in California?

You cannot do business in the State of California without having the appropriate business license or business tax certificate for the city or county you are operating in. These are your basic licenses, referred to interchangeably as a business license or a business tax certificate.

Do you have to pay sales commission in California?

Unless the employee is exempt, employers must keep a record of hours that employees work to ensure they are paid a minimum wage.⁠ 56 And time spent on tasks unrelated to the earning of a sales commission must be separately compensated at a rate that is equal to at least California’s minimum wage.⁠ 57

Do you need a permit to sell products in California?

Yes. Several types of businesses must obtain a permit at the state level, regardless of what you need for the local level. I am filling out the application for my general business permit and it is asking for a seller’s permit. If you are selling products in California,…

What are the requirements for bulk sales in California?

In order for California Bulk Sales Law to apply, the following two conditions must be met: Seller’s principal business is the sale of inventory from stock, including those who manufacture what they sell, or a restaurant owner; Seller is located in California.

What are the rules for selling a business in California?

Recognizing the need to protect creditors and new owners as well, California has enacted various procedures by which a buyer of a business can know that the creditors are either paid off or are barred from seeking relief against the buyer, assuming the procedures are met.

How much money can you sell in California?

Seller is located in California. California Bulk Sales Law does not apply to sales of assets with a net value (post-lien and security interest calculations) of less than $10,000 or more than $5 million on the date of the Agreement.

Is it legal to do business outside of California?

Public Law 86-272. Public Law 86-272. 6. potentially applies to companies located outside of California whose only in-state activity is the solicitation of sale of tangible personal property to California customers.