What are some of the covered losses through workers compensation?

What are some of the covered losses through workers compensation?

If your employee suffers a work-related injury or illness, workers’ compensation benefits can help cover their: Medical expenses. Lost wages. Funeral expenses.

What is considered a domestic employee?

Household employees include housekeepers, maids, babysitters, gardeners, and others who work in or around your private residence as your employee. Household workers are your employees if you can control not only the work they do, but also how they do it.

Is the trip and fall injury eligible for workers’comp?

Are trip-and-fall injuries eligible for workers’ comp? A state supreme court recently issued opinions in two workers’ comp cases involving employees who were injured when they tripped and fell at work. One opinion contains a clarification of the so-called “idiopathic exception” to workers’ compensation.

How does slip and fall work in workers comp?

But because workers’ comp is a no-fault system, slip-and-fall cases don’t present the same difficulties. Injured employees don’t have to prove their employers were to blame. They may receive benefits as long as the accidents were the cause of their medical problems and happened while they were working.

What was the outcome of the trip and fall lawsuit?

The couple appealed to The Third Circuit Court of Appeals, but that case failed to produce any significant changes in the outcome of the case. The final award for the plaintiffs was $5000 in medical expenses, significantly less than the $45,000 originally sought.

What happens in a trip and fall accident?

Contrary to the Arnez case, there are many trip-and-fall cases in which severe and life-changing injuries do occur. When someone trips and falls and really does get hurt, they may suffer a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, broken bones, or many other types of injuries. This type of accident really can be quite dangerous.