“The voice of a big city” by O. Henry

Only once in his life met, well, exactly as in the old romances. I think that everyone, sick literary readings in hard drinking, found once its first author. The one who managed to permanently and completely conquer it with their creativity. As in love, but this does not pass ever. Logically, the circumstances of the first date at all different. His I remember perfectly. What drew me twelve in the day to take home from the shelves of the library is this book, no longer has any value. In my life, I went by O. Henry, and I am sure that thanks to him, I went on to become an optimist. Where are my twelve years, where is the book traded in the Soviet era for waste paper, it does not matter. The main thing is that O. Henry with me forever – and I am thankful for it.

I am sure that everyone who shares my feelings to the talent of this brilliant narrator has a particularly favorite, most expensive heart of the story. I am able to isolate it only if you put a long-standing condition is about the journey to the far-off worlds, and allowed to take on the road with a single. Only then, my choice would be clear: “While waiting for the car.” I managed to forget a lot of important events that have occurred to me afterwards, but heard an echo of surprise three words, said Mr. Parkenstacker white car driver, who lives in me until today. In addition, the island arose desire, which came immediately after the surprise. I did not want to become rich, how many thought in the first place, and I was not fascinated by the work of the cashier of the restaurant. No and no again. To anything pull the intrigue, it was easy to guess – I strongly wanted to learn as a surprise.


“The voice of a big city” is full of stories, treasures. One of them – the “Shrine”. Hard to believe that it was written man. Watch woman like behavior can be a representative of the stronger sex, and, therefore, to describe it, too. However, the right to feel motivated and incredible psychological organization of the female soul can only genius. Strong woman in love, being on the verge of the altar, throws a narrowing in the blink of an eye. In addition, this has been waiting for all my life: the quiet righteous approach, which feels a distance. It is beautiful famous actor capable coo golden voice most tender words in the world. O. Henry is a worthy cause such wondrous deed.

“Squaring the circle” Best saga of revenge and its nature sang O. Henry story. Philosophical arguments about the natural and fabricated circles, squares may seem strained at first glance. Nevertheless, there must be some explanation for the cessation of the blood feud that lasted forty years between the two kinds of hunting dogs, trained to possum? If it was able to mow the power of this life both families, there must be equivalent, which is capable of and stop.

There is no better way to combat the vice, than his ridicule. “Comedy of curiosity” – the best proof. Human curiosity is forever. Crowds of onlookers collect accident and modern streets; miraculously survived a category of people who cannot get off the ground at the sight of another’s misfortune. Let the sky starts to pour in degrees, and the police will chase scene. All uneasy. They will find a new strategic observation point over the passers slipping and will look away while not the lights of the ambulance. Nevertheless, O. Henry found the best remedy, cure for this vice.

In addition, “Peaches” – of course, “Peaches”, how you cannot remember them. If the beloved, better half, becomes a bone in the throat due to his eccentric character, and counseling therapist does not help, there is the last way. It should be immediately re-read this story, and the relief is guaranteed. If life was such that it will be read for the first time, it is possible and complete cure.

The collection “The Voice of the big city” was written more than a hundred years ago. For example, there was the need for work experience in New York of the early twentieth century. Alternatively, just want to understand this time, because of simple human curiosity, rather than what is described in the “squaring the circle”. Then it will be enough to re-read all the ten stories, and the United States time skyscrapers sprouting First she will rise before your eyes. Such effects are often not under force, and a feature film. O. Henry clearly put before him a goal and achieved it brilliantly – a city created as a living image. The writer does not like it and does not hate, because these feelings there is nothing rational. He knows New York and takes him as he is. Perhaps this is enough to reach such a high literary and historical results. Except for genius.