“The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde

In my opinion, “Portrait of Dorian Gray” can be called the perfect works of world literature. It perfectly everything from deliberate plot to live, full-blooded images of not only basic, but and supporting characters; from the philosophical idea underlying the novel, to the sharpened language Oscar Wilde, decays into quotes.

The motive of the deal with the devil, selling souls for the sake of success in life or eternal youth, which built “Portrait of Dorian Gray”, is one of the “stray scenes” world literature – is enough to recall Goethe’s “Faust” or Balzac’s masterpiece “shagreen”. Wilde, however, as is the case with the great masters, a new approach to the hackneyed theme, filling it with new content and bright colors.


The young man, whose name and named the novel does not have any advantages, except for outstanding beauty. This mesmerizing quality of his associates: the artist Basil Hallward, “angel” hero, under its influence creates his masterpieces – primarily mystical portrait, which captures the perfect image of the hero. However, in quite a different attitude to the Dorian Gray Sir Henry Votton, a cynic and a lover of life’s pleasures, which in the novel plays the role of “demon”. He does everything possible to the main character came under his influence, “sleep” of his own paradoxes, Dorian helping to overcome the pangs of conscience, and at the same time and do away with all the good qualities of his soul. This is Sir Henry is quite possible: the main character soon forgets his doubts and rolls from vice to crime. Only the portrait reminds him that no offense will not escape with impunity from the will of the Most High: they are all imprinted on the face of the criminal, if not living, and then created by the artist.

Interesting is another topic covered in the novel – the interaction of art with real life. Related to this retreat dedicated to both copyrights and reasoning artist Basil and Dorian beloved story – Sybil Vane, an outstanding actor who lost her a gift after she discovered the world of real feelings.

However, the author does not want to give up their “cult of beauty”, which, as is known, professed himself Oscar Wilde on many pages of the novel, dedicated to the many passions of the hero – precious stones, expensive, exquisite fabrics – English writer, of course, express their own preferences. Amazingly, these descriptions do not contribute to the text of “water” and appear in the novel composition entirely harmonious.

At the same time, describing in detail the furnishings and interiors of rooms, Oscar Wilde misses description of many important events of accomplished heroes of life, throwing only a general outline. It provides the reader to imagine what crimes have distorted the image of the portrait of Dorian Gray, as a hero spent time in brothels, and what was written in the letter, which he blackmailed his former friend Alan Campbell.

Of particular note is the language of the novel – incredibly rich and varied. This honed dialogues glorified Wilde as a playwright, and unusually bright epithets – “Apricot London the light of day”, “malachite cut through the sky with a star on it.” Finally, the extraordinary capacity of many phrases makes them ready to quote, many of which (e.g., about the treatment of the sensations of the soul) became well known.

“Portrait of Dorian Gray” – a very personal book by English author. Undoubtedly, Oscar Wilde aestheticism with his ideas do not just have to think about the beauty of the eternal and the passing, the truth of life and truth of art, as well as the line that separates them. His doubts and reflections on these issues and it is expressed in the pages of the novel, so it does not look heartless and cold, that could lie in wait for such a perfect product. Emotional mood of the book, as well as the theme of passing youth and man’s responsibility for his actions, close to all of us. This is what makes “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” the book, relevant at all times, proof of which are numerous, and its film adaptation.