Is it okay to lie to an employee?

Is it okay to lie to an employee?

It’s important not to set a precedent that it’s okay to lie, Krugel says. If you decide to keep the employee, some sort of apology or mea culpa either to all of the employees or the people directly affected by the lie might be a good idea.

What happens if an employee lies on their resume?

An employee who lies on a resume goes far beyond the actual lie itself. It can also include concerns that, that employee may be engaged in other type of negative behavior like fraud or embezzlement.

When to take serious action against an employee who lies?

If you explain that lying is unacceptable in your firm and the employee still won’t tell the truth, it’s probably time to take more serious action. How serious was the lie?

How often do people lie to get a job?

And Statistics Brain, compiling data from Accu-Screen, Inc., ADP, and SHRM, reported in 2012 that 53 percent of resumes contain untruths and that 70 percent of college students say they’d lie to get a job. So, what will you do when your employee lies to you?

Can a lie cause an employee to be fired?

An employee may believe one little lie won’t hurt their standing with the organization, but even the smallest untruth, when discovered, can diminish your regard for the employee. And, because organizational teams are so entwined, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll find out the employee lied. Lies of omission are equally damaging.

Is it a problem to lie in the workplace?

While most lies are small and probably not a concern, there is an important issue with lying in the workplace. Lying in the workplace can have seriously negative repercussions, affecting the bottom line as well as other areas. HR professionals and investigators should be skilled and trained to detect lies.

What to do if an employee lies about something?

For example, if a team member lies about things like taking action required for industry regulatory compliance or employee harassment, it’s best to consult your attorney about how to best protect your firm from risk rather than overlooking the lie. Can you trust him or her again? Krugel says this is usually pure gut check.

Can a new employee lie on their resume?

Studies have shown that an alarming number or employees have lied on their resumes and many employers said that if this was discovered, they would give new hires a second chance depending on the severity of the lie.