Is Colorado a good state to move to?

Is Colorado a good state to move to?

Residents live a healthy lifestyle Consider moving to Colorado. Thanks to the state’s endless number of outdoor activities, healthy food options and health-focused culture, Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the country. According to Mind Body Green, the state also has the lowest obesity rate in the country.

Where are Colorado natives moving to?

Half of Colorado’s new residents in the last 10 years have come from only 10 states: California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Illinois, New York, New Mexico, Washington, Virginia and Kansas. A quarter of them came from the nation’s three most populous states: California, Texas and Florida.

Is it a good idea to move to Colorado?

Colorado is NOT Cheap Since I live here I am used to the prices and economize in a lot of ways that keep my expenses pretty low. But, Colorado as a place to live is not cheap.

Are there any downsides to living in Colorado?

That being said, a lot of people in the state live to ski. The only downside to so much skiing is that it calls for a lot of snow. While the roads are usually cleared, always be prepared for a sudden snowstorm to delay your day. 9.

Where in Colorado should you live?

The best places to live in Colorado include Boulder, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Lakewood, and Pueblo.

Why are so many people coming to Colorado?

Ample tourism is a bit of a double-edged sword. While the 86 million people that visit Colorado annually bring a ton of money into the state, this hoard also adds to excessive crowding on the roads, on the trails, and at the resorts. It also likely contributes to increased dining costs in some parts of the state.

What do you need to know about moving to Colorado?

If you love skiing, camping, hunting, fishing, off-road tours, mountain climbing and other outdoor recreations, you’d love moving to Colorado. Colorado is one of the states that enjoys more sunshine than wet days every year.

When did we move from California to Colorado?

And Colorado continues to attract many new residents each year! So, whether you’re making the move from popular states like California and Texas, there are some important things to consider. When we officially made the move to Colorado in 2015, we moved to Boulder.

When did Ryan and I move to Colorado?

When we officially made the move to Colorado in 2015, we moved to Boulder. Even though Ryan was born and raised in Colorado Springs, we wanted to live in a new city together. Since then, we decided to purchase a home in Colorado Springs to be closer to family.

Why do people not want to live in Colorado?

There you have it – eight reasons why you should never want to live in Colorado. Colorado life definitely has its perks, but it’s not all sunshine and powder days. Personally, I love my life in Colorado, but it’s definitely not a place for everyone.