“The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins

The plot of the book “The Hunger Games” is not new – as far back as ancient Greece, was built the famous myth about how tyrants are punished recalcitrant peoples and nations: “You have not submitted to us – and we for it will kill your children.” That’s Susan Collins has created a world-dystopia, in which each of the twelve workers and virtually powerless areas, districts are required to have one year to send two children from 11 to 18 years of bloody “The Hunger Games.” 24 participants, but to be a winner must be only one. They were killing each other, and the winner will receive glory, honor, and his comfortable life of the district. Decide whose children go to die, I had to blind chance. However, stratification of society that existed even in the poorest districts of course, allow some citizens to rid their children of the draw.

In the center of the novel the young Katniss, who came to “The Hunger Games” is almost on their own – are put in place its eleven sister for the first time participated in the draw. In addition, if the districts “The Hunger Games” – a fear for their children, the pain and the horror of seeing on their screens death, for the rich, the ruling of the Capitol – is an interesting show, where you can have fun betting, revel in what is happening? This novel – the constant action, intense action. Do not have time to be frightened draw Katniss, as immediately becomes a player – tributes, and with it – a direct participant in the preparatory shows and programs. She do hairstyles, sew clothes, interview, conduct physical training and learn basic survival skills. In addition, here it is already in the Arena, where from the first moment begins a tense, bloody struggle. Moreover, participants can build alliances, to help and support his teammates on the District, knowing that time the Allies would soon betray and kill…


However, this novel – more than just a horror movie in the style of Stephen King. There is a place sublime feeling – such as love, devotion, affection, pride. That there is the act of a girl agreed to undergo hell instead of the younger sister, knowing that the chances of survival are negligible. For desperate to the point of human power struggles Katniss is very difficult to sort out their feelings to the partner districts – Pete. He certainly loves the girl and ready for her at all, but she hesitates and doubts in him, and his feelings.

Yet this book is about struggle. Fight not with his companions in misfortune, who joined the blind draw, and for the suppression of the state system, ruthlessly oppressive people at the mill terror. While this is a weak, timid struggle manifests itself in small gestures of disobedience, but a small spark can turn with time into a bright and strong flame. Then Mockingjay – a symbol of the nascent revolution – can sing a song and light a hot fire in the hearts of the oppressed people.

The novel “The Hunger Games” is, first, young people. However, it will be very interesting to older people to follow the difficulties of the fate of the young hero. Dynamics, constant action, unexpected plot twists, adventure, battles held in suspense from the first page to the last. Despite the gloom of the plot (the inhabitants of districts hopelessness, constant fear, hopelessness, incredible cruelty) book is not perceived as oppressive. Still, the positive emotions it most: honesty, loyalty, friendship, love. In addition, it makes you wonder: how would you yourself acted in place of heroes – would start tooth and nail to win victory or have shown nobility of soul.

I liked the book and not. Strongly resented the fact that residents of districts 75 years endured their children are killed – in fact, executed – and handed the children themselves. In addition, make this a fun show for the elite. Read about it seriously, I could not help imagine yourself in the place of parents. In general, impression was positive, and I would look for a continuation of this has become history. It must be evil, in the end, to disappear, and good to triumph! Even the ancient Greek Minotaur enclosed in a dark maze, and which are intended to be eaten by the most beautiful boys and girls long terrified the inhabitants of Athens and was smitten.