How to take the correctional officer Physical Aptitude Test?

How to take the correctional officer Physical Aptitude Test?

This is a step by step instructional video on the Correctional Officer Physical Aptitude Test (COPAT) which is part of the Correctional Peace Officer (CPO) application requirements. A male and female participant guide viewers through each part of the COPAT obstacle course. Loading…

How to contact a corrections officer recruitment officer?

Contact a recruitment officer at [email protected] for determination of equivalency. If you are taking a test outside of Saskatchewan, contact a recruitment officer for information. Elements of the COPAT include:

What do you need to know to be a correctional officer?

Correctional Officers (COs), Youth Correctional Officers (YCOs), and Youth Correctional Counselors (YCCs) must be able to respond to a variety of physically demanding activities to maintain safety and security in a correctional environment.

How to become a corrections officer in Saskatchewan?

Candidates and new recruits to Saskatchewan Corrections must meet the basic physical requirements. The Corrections Officers Physical Abilities Test (COPAT) is a timed physical abilities test comprised of activities designed to reflect the physical challenges faced in a corrections environment.

What do you need to know to become a corrections officer?

If you pass your interview, fitness test, and background investigation you will receive notification regarding a medical physical, pulmonary function test, and two step tuberculosis tests. Applicants will pay for their own medical screenings.

How is the hiring process for the Department of Corrections?

The Department of Corrections will notify an applicant by email to advise him/her of a scheduled date and time for a structured interview. Interviews are conducted in a panel format consisting of Corrections supervisors and/or Recruitment personnel. An applicant will have two chances to pass the structured interview.

How does the Minnesota Department of Corrections work?

Click Here for updates. Corrections Officers help transform lives for a safer Minnesota! Visit our employment page to hear directly from the following Corrections Officers about what it is like to have a rewarding career with the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

How does the Massachusetts Department of Correction train?

The Massachusetts Department of Correction’s Training Academy has designed a rigorous training regime, administered daily throughout the academy that challenges new recruits to significantly improve their overall physical condition.