How much money did Proposition 13 save California?

How much money did Proposition 13 save California?

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association estimates that Proposition 13 has reduced taxes paid by California taxpayers by an aggregate $528 Billion (value retrieved 31 May 2009). However, other estimates show that Proposition 13 may not have reduced California’s overall per-capita tax burden or State spending.

How to transfer property to family and still be protected?

Prop 13 protects change of ownership amongst family members e.g. spouses, domestic partners, parent to child and grandparents. Aunts, uncles and relatives do not count, and any property transferred amongst those people will cause a reassessment in the value to current purchase price. I want to buy the house for my family for what they owe on it.

How does Proposition 13 affect the housing market?

Proposition 13 alters the balance of the housing market because it provides disincentives for selling property, in favor of remaining at the current property and modifying or transferring to family members to avoid a new, higher property tax assessment.

Can you transfer your home ownership in California?

California may have certain allowances to transfer home ownership between spouses and even children (in the event of divorce or death) that may have a limited effect on assessment of the real estate taxes. And California homeowners may have the ability to transfer the low tax basis from their existing home to a new home they purchase.

Can you transfer Prop 13 to your child?

Under Prop 19, the only Prop 13 tax base that can be transferred to your children is that of your principal residence to your child—and then your child themselves must live on the property as their principal residence.

How can I transfer my property after Prop 19?

Here’s how a new form of transfer may be possible, even after Prop 19. You form a new Limited Liability Company we’ll call “LLC1.” You decide to create a Family Property LLC to train David how to manage properties. You move the apartment building into LLC1, and you give 50% of the shares to David.

Where can I move with Proposition 13 tax relief?

Thus, if a senior wants to move from Los Angeles County to say Orange County, now the senior can take his or her old lower Proposition 13 assessed value to a new replacement residence of equal or lesser value to any of the following eight (8) California counties presently (as of February 15, 2010) accepting proposition 90: 1. Alameda; 2. El Dorado;

How old do you have to be to transfer your principal residence?

Proposition 60 (Revenue and Taxation Code 69.5) Property owners of at least 55 years of age may transfer the base year value of their principal residence to a replacement principal residence. The replacement must be of equal or lesser current market value and located within the same county.