How many people work at the University of California?

How many people work at the University of California?

At a glance 1 10 campuses 2 5 medical centers 3 3 national laboratories 4 160 academic disciplines 5 800 degree programs 6 280,380 students 7 227,700 employees 8 2.0 million living alumni 9 64 Nobel laureates 10 430,000 jobs supported 更多结果…

Where do UC students come from in California?

Education and research as pioneering as California itself. From all backgrounds, ethnicities and incomes, UC attracts the best and brightest. UC undergraduates come from all over California, and they work hard to make it to college. In fact, 37 percent of UC students come from low-income families.

How does the University of California affect California?

Thousands of California jobs, billions of dollars in revenues, and countless everyday household items — from more plentiful fruits and vegetables to compact fluorescent light bulbs — can be traced back to UC discoveries. Similarly, many of the state’s leading businesses are based on UC technology, founded by our faculty or led by UC graduates.

What do the faculty do at the University of California?

UC’s faculty are the drivers behind innovations in biotechnology, computer science, art and architecture — and they bring that knowledge, that greatness, directly to the classroom.

How are applications reviewed for the UC system?

Location of your secondary school and residence. While all UC campuses use the same factors to evaluate applications, they often apply these factors differently. Be sure to review the selection process of each campus:

What do Caltech students do for a living?

Students collaborate closely with faculty advisors who are among the leading researchers in their fields to expand understand of the universe and invent the technologies of the future. Graduates can analyze, synthesize, and communicate ideas. Graduates demonstrate integrity, personal and professional responsibility, and respect for others.

How does a student get into the UC system?

Identification by UC as being ranked in the top 9 percent of your high school class at the end of your junior year ( Eligible in the Local Context, or ELC). Quality of your senior-year program as measured by the type and number of academic courses in progress or planned.

How are admissions decisions made at the University of California?

Be sure to review the selection process of each campus: Do campuses make their admissions decisions independently from other UC campuses? Each UC campus evaluates each application without knowing the status of the same application at another campus.