How long do you have to be divorced before you can remarry in North Carolina?

How long do you have to be divorced before you can remarry in North Carolina?

Divorce on the Grounds of Adultery

State Post-Divorce Remarriage Waiting Period
North Carolina None
North Dakota None as long as stated in Decree
Ohio None
Oklahoma Marriage is voidable if within 6 months

Where can I buy a marriage certificate in NC?

Certified copies of your marriage certificate can be purchased for $10–24 from either the Register of Deeds that issued and recorded your marriage license or the state’s vital records office in Raleigh, NC. Can I enter into a common-law marriage? North Carolina does not recognize common-law marriage, even if legally established in another state.

Can you get married by proxy in North Carolina?

North Carolina law does not permit marriage-by-proxy. Can I get married through a civil ceremony? After you obtain a marriage license, you can schedule a civil ceremony with the magistrate’s office. The solemnization fee is roughly $20. Where will you apply?

When does a North Carolina marriage license expire?

Your North Carolina marriage license will expire 60 days after it’s been issued. If you don’t get married before time runs out, you’ll have to start over and apply for a brand new license.

Where do I drop off my marriage license in NC?

Mail or drop off your marriage license. If your officiant is unable to drop off your marriage license, you can do it as well. Just make sure your officiant has signed all the paperwork and given final approval on your marriage. You can bring the paperwork directly to the county clerk’s office.

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Is it better to remarry or just live together?

If you can afford it, a long-term care insurance policy may be a good investment once you remarry. The Family Home. Whether you are getting married or just living together, before combining households you will need to think about what will happen to the house once the owner of the house dies.