How does nurse led home-based care for people with HIV help?

How does nurse led home-based care for people with HIV help?

Nurse-led home-based interventions could help adherence to antiretroviral therapy and improve mental health. Further larger scale studies are needed, looking in more detail at improving medical care for HIV, especially related to screening and management of opportunistic infections and co-morbidities.

Can a RN delegate to a home care aide?

The RN also evaluates your competency to perform the delegated task. This Nurse Delegation for Nursing Assistants & Home Care Aides: Training Courseis for Washington State caregivers who: • Work in, or will work in, community-based long-term care settings, as defined on page 14.

How does nurse led home based care work?

Reported adherence to antiretroviral drugs improved with nurse-led home-based care but did not affect viral load. Psychiatric nurse support in those with existing mental health conditions improved mental health and depressive symptoms.

What’s the difference between a personal care aide and a home health aide?

Similar to Personal Care Aides, Home Health Aides provide you with excellent care and assistance at home. The only difference between the two is that Home Health Aides have advanced state-approved training and licensing which makes them capable of identifying and recognizing undesirable symptoms in their patients.

What are the stories of home care nurses?

You’ll hear from an Alabama nurse whose patient had a knee replacement and who worked with her till they could walk together. You’ll meet a South Carolina nurse who believes “patient education is a priority,” so she always take time to tell patients exactly how they should take their medication.

Who is Craig Riddle, a home care nurse?

My name is Craig Riddle and Ms. Slate is a recent patient of mine. Ms. Slate underwent a challenging Whipple Procedure, which resulted in diabetes and troublesome complications. Ms. Slate’s family was dedicated but overwhelmed with the formidable plan of care.

How to hire a nurse for home care?

It is important to perform due diligence before making a hiring decision. Tips on how to hire a nurse for home care include: Arrange for a consult with the nursing agency to discuss the specific medical needs of your loved one.

What makes it hard to be a home care nurse?

If patients have complex conditions, they can need a lot of hands-on care, leaving less time for teaching. If patients are in pain, they may find it hard to take in new information. There also may be cultural factors in the home that affect teaching and learning or language barriers that make communication hard.