How does management work with the employee union?

How does management work with the employee union?

Management controls the resources and work environment of an organization while unions represent employees in getting the best terms and conditions of employment.

Can a union employee be fired for any reason?

Almost every union contract will have a provision stating that employees can only be disciplined or terminated for “just cause.” This is different from the typical “at will” employment standard in non-union employment relationships.

What does ” just cause ” mean in a non-union workplace?

This is different from the typical “at will” employment standard in non-union employment relationships. “Just cause” means you need to show that the worker violated some work rule, standard, or expectation, and you were justified in taking action. Here are some considerations supervisors should use in evaluating whether there is “just cause”:

When do you need a union representative in a union shop?

Employee discipline and investigations. In a unionized setting, an employee has the right to request the presence of a union representative whenever the employee is subject to an investigatory interview, which might lead to discipline. This is commonly known as the Weingarten rule.

How to deal with union problems in the workplace?

How to Deal With Union Problems. If your employees are unionized, chances are that you must deal with occasional union problems that affect worker morale and productivity. You must meet these challenges with a spirit of cooperation rather than opposition to prevent minor discontent from mushrooming into a strike or worse. Read on to learn more.

How to deal with a hotheaded Union member?

If a hotheaded union member challenges or accuses you in front of his peers, give him a neutral audience. Then, revisit the issue privately. Listen with interest and empathy, even if you disagree with every point made. Allow the union members to voice their every concern without scowling, shaking your head or interrupting.

Can a worker opt out of joining a union?

However, workers have an option they should know about. The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) has a provision that may be the best kept secret in labor law. Known as de-authorization, it allows workers to opt out of joining a union as a condition of employment.

Can a union member file an unfair labor practice charge?

The NLRA protects both your right to be a union member, and your right to choose not to be a union member. If you feel that you have been threatened for not joining a union, you must first file a charge with your local NLRB office. This is commonly referred to as an Unfair Labor Practice charge.