How do you cite Wikipedia in a research paper?

How do you cite Wikipedia in a research paper?

To cite a Wikipedia article properly, you’ll need to find and include the information below:The title of the article.The name of the website (Wikipedia)The name of the publisher (Wikimedia Foundation)The date the article was published or last updated.The date that you accessed/read the article.The URL.

How do you list a works cited page?

What is a Works Cited ListThe Works Cited list appears at the end of the paper on a separate page (or pages, if necessary).Put the title, “Works Cited”, at the beginning of the list.Lists the citations for all of the cited sources in alphabetical order according to the last name of the author.

What is the one thing does not need to be cited?

Common knowledge does not need to be cited. Common knowledge includes facts that are known by a lot of people and can be found in many sources. For example, you do not need to cite the following: Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States.

Can you plagiarize your own work Turnitin?

Yes, Turnitin keeps a permanent file with regards to the essay you previously submitted. Don’t worry about Turnitin, it can’t prove plagiarism if it returns bits and pieces of your original paper in its scan. You can easily prove that you were the original author of the work.

Is it OK to submit the same paper for two classes?

Unless the second instructor expressly allows it, submitting an assignment already submitted for another class is a form of academic misconduct. This is also known as self-plagiarism or recycling work.

Can I submit my own paper to Turnitin?

The Turnitin Self-Checker is available to all Purchase College students and is not connected to any particular course or assignment. To upload a paper to the Turnitin Self-Checker, see the Student Submission directions at the Turnitin tab of the Moodle: Beyond Basics guide.

Can turnitin detect essays bought online?

Ideally, Turnitin cannot detect essays bought online if they are original and written from scratch. Turnitin checks the similarity score of a paper, and not if it was written by a contracted writer. If a paper is written from scratch, plagiarism checkers cannot tell if it was purchased online.