How do I report an employer in Colorado?

How do I report an employer in Colorado?

Anyone wishing to file a complaint with the Division of Workers’ Compensation may do so via the Tip and Lead Form or by email to [email protected]. Your complaint will be forwarded to the proper party for review and response.

How long does a company have to pay you after you quit Colorado?

As per Colorado Rev. Stat. Ann. § 8-4-109, when an employee is fired, the employer must give him or her a final paycheck immediately, or within six (6) hours of start of the next business day if the payroll office is closed, or within twenty-four (24) hours if the payroll office is offsite.

Do you have to notify Colorado employees of vacancies?

Under the final EPT Rules, there is never any obligation to provide any notices regarding vacancies to employees outside Colorado. However, Colorado employees must be informed of promotional opportunities anywhere—nationwide or even worldwide.

Can a Colorado employee take 12 weeks off?

As such, an employee may take FMLA leave to attend to a domestic partner or civil union partner suffering from a serious health condition. The state’s Family Care Act runs alongside with FMLA leave. This means that Colorado employees cannot take up to 12 weeks off under the FMLA and another 12 weeks off under the FCA.

What to know about equal pay for equal work in Colorado?

Inform all Colorado employees of promotional opportunities worldwide (even if the employee is manifestly unqualified for the job).

How to contact the Colorado Department of Labor and employment?

Contact Unemployment If you have questions about your claim, you can ask our Virtual Assistant, available 24/7 by phone and online at If the Virtual Assistant can’t answer your question, you’ll be offered the opportunity to schedule a callback with one of our customer service representatives.

What to do if your employer is discriminatory in Colorado?

In general, employers in Colorado have significant latitude in how they treat their employees, as long as such treatment is not specifically prohibited by law or a contractual agreement. If an employee believes their employer’s actions may have been illegal or discriminatory, the employee should contact the appropriate agency or seek legal counsel.

What are the employee break laws in Colorado?

The break laws in Colorado are one, 10-minute rest period for every four hours worked. The employer must pay the employee for the 10-minute break. In addition, the employer must offer an unpaid, uninterrupted lunch for 30 minutes.

What happens if you fire an employee in Colorado?

Employers who fire or penalize employees for jury service are subject to criminal penalties and special damages in a wrongful termination lawsuit. Voting. In Colorado, employees may take up to two hours of paid leave to vote, unless they already have three hours off work to vote when the polls are open.

What are the requirements for employment in Colorado?

Select Colorado employment requirements are summarized below to help an employer understand the range of employment laws affecting the employer-employee relationship in the state. An employer must comply with both federal and state law.