How do I cancel LegalMatch?

How do I cancel LegalMatch?

If you wish to cancel your account or request that we no longer use your information to provide you services contact us at [email protected]

Where does the website come from?

LegalMatch is a private company headquartered in San Francisco, California in the United States. It operates an online legal matching service where users submit a legal case and get responses including ratings and quotes from lawyers interested in their case.

Do you have to use LegalMatch to find a lawyer?

No random matching or choosing – you make your decision based on a lawyer’s expertise, experience, pricing, and availability There is never any obligation to hire or contact a lawyer through our service – you decide if and when you contact an attorney

Do you need a credit card to use LegalMatch?

There is never any obligation to hire or contact a lawyer through our service – you decide if and when you contact an attorney Submit your case at any time to find a lawyer or attorney near you and you will never be charged to use the LegalMatch service. No credit card is required!

Is there a LegalMatch referral service in California?

LegalMatch California, a LegalMatch subsidiary, became officially certified as a California State Bar Certified Referral Service in September 2020 and is listed on the State Bar of California’s website as an accredited lawyer referral service in all 58 California counties. ^ a b c d e Cathy Tran Moses, Jackson v.

Are there any negative reviews on

The one area in which LegalMatch reviews are largely unpleasant is from the perspective of lawyers who have used the service to generate leads. The reviews offered on the company’s website are obviously positive, with testimonials from several lawyers who say that LegalMatch has helped them to increase their revenue or save time.

When do I need to sign up for LegalMatch?

LegalMatch clients, if you posted your first case after March 4, 2010, sign in with your registered email address. Clients who registered before this datewill enter the User Name which was chosen and entered during registration. Forgot your username? Better Business Bureau Online Reliability Copyright 1999-2021 LegalMatch.

How many people have used LegalMatch in the past?

LegalMatch claims to be conducting an ongoing survey in which 98.63% of users would use it again and 98.38% would recommend it to someone else with a legal issue.

Do you need a lawyer to use LegalMatch?

If you’re seeking legal representation, is certainly a viable option. The positive LegalMatch reviews, combined with few complaints about the service and the fact that it is free to use, make it a legitimate means of finding a lawyer in certain situations.