How did Uncle Monty die in the Reptile Room?

How did Uncle Monty die in the Reptile Room?

Uncle Monty murdered by Stephano. On the day they are to leave for Peru, they discover Monty’s dead body in the Reptile Room. He has two tiny puncture holes under his left eye, and Stephano claims that he has been bitten by a snake.

What to do if you are left out of an estate?

Your lawyer will be able to tell whether it is a winnable challenge on these grounds. If you don’t have grounds, there is still the possibility you can make a claim on the estate. An example would be if you did unpaid work for the testator that you can claim costs for.

What happens to the estate when a brother or sister dies?

If any of the brothers and sisters have died, their children (the deceased person’s nieces and nephews) inherit their share. If there are no surviving brothers and sisters, the deceased person’s nieces and nephews inherit the estate equally. However if a niece or nephew has died, their share does not pass to their children.

Who is entitled to property if someone dies without a will?

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What happens to a house if someone dies without a will?

If a person dies without a will or testate (with a will) then the real estate passes directly to the heirs at law or directly to the beneficiaries under the will. For example: A single parent passes away leaving behind her two children. The house has been left equally to both siblings.

What happens to a house when a relative dies?

Not only do you have to weather the emotional turmoil that accompanies someone you love passes away, but you also have to deal with the real world details – like selling your relative’s home. Selling a home after a relative dies is what’s known as an “estate sale.”

What happens to a house when a sibling dies?

The house has been left equally to both siblings. The two children receive equal ownership of the house upon death. The children don’t need the court or executor to transfer the property to them – the property passes directly. If there was no will the exact same thing occurs. So what happens when the home is going to be sold?

Can a deceased person leave property in Your Name?

If you were left the property, or if you co-owned the property with the deceased, you’ll have a good chance of being awarded the property when the estate’s assets are distributed. This isn’t a sure thing in all states, however, particularly if the will was created without the benefit of legal advice.