How can I get a credit card in Indonesia?

How can I get a credit card in Indonesia?

Basic term and requirement for getting a credit card in Jakarta:

  1. At least 21 years old with secured income (having a secured job)
  2. ID CARD (KTP)
  3. Fill in the form requirements issued by the bank or financial institutions.

Is opening another credit card good for credit?

Opening a new credit card can temporarily ding your credit score. When a card issuer looks at your credit information because you’ve applied for a credit card, it is a so-called “hard pull.” That can lead to a slight drop in your credit score, whether you are approved or not.

Are Mastercards only credit?

Mastercard: Key points. Visa and Mastercard don’t actually issue or distribute credit cards. Instead, they are payment networks — they process payments between banks and merchants for credit card purchases. The bank that issues the card matters much more than the payment network.

What is the best credit card in Indonesia?

Indonesia’s Best Travel Credit Card!

  • Summary. Let’s face it, you don’t really understand credit cards.
  • CIMB Infinite. The CIMB infinite card has the best per mile price domestically at Rp 5.000 per mile.
  • Standard Chartered WorldMiles.
  • UOB PRVI Miles.
  • CitiPremier Miles.
  • HSBC Premier.
  • HSBC Signature.

    Is HSBC credit card Visa or Mastercard?

    We now issue Visa as our standard credit card. Shortly before the expiry of your current Mastercard©, you will receive a replacement Visa Credit Card.

    What should you be aware of when getting a credit card?

    Here’s a checklist of some things to look at when you choose a credit card:

    • Annual Percentage Rate (APR). This is the cost of borrowing on the card, if you don’t pay the whole balance off each month.
    • minimum repayment.
    • annual fee.
    • charges.
    • introductory interest rates.
    • loyalty points or rewards.
    • cash back.