How are nursing homes funded in the state of Indiana?

How are nursing homes funded in the state of Indiana?

The lease lets it take advantage of a wrinkle in Medicaid’s complex funding formula that gives Indiana nursing homes owned or leased by city or county governments a funding boost. For Indiana, that translates to 30 percent more federal dollars per Medicaid resident.

What’s the name of the nursing home in Indianapolis?

Westminster Village North, a nursing home and retirement community in Indianapolis, recently redesigned patient rooms in the nursing home to ease wheelchair use. (Courtesy of Westminster Village North)

Who are the hospitals that own nursing homes?

Marion County Hospital and Health Corp., the large safety-net hospital system in Indianapolis, owns or leases 78 nursing homes across the state, more than any other county hospital. Sheila Guenin, vice president of long-term care there, said the hospital keeps 75 percent of the additional Medicaid dollars and the nursing homes get the rest.

What happens if I put my mother in a nursing home?

When I took my mother to her Doctor today he examined her and I told him that I didn’t have the strength to continue taking care of my mother and that I needed to place her in a nursing home. He told me he would take care of everything and now I’m blessed with hospice care for my mother that will be paid through medicare.

Can a nursing home take your home if you own it?

So, Medicaid will usually pay for your nursing home care even though you own a home, as long as the home isn’t worth more than $536,000. Your home is protected during your lifetime.

Can a person with SMI go to a nursing home?

For those who have needs related to SMI or ID, specific care needs are evaluated and the most appropriate setting (the least restrictive) to meet those needs is determined. (Some persons might be able to receive long-term care services in their homes or community via a Medicaid waiver rather than require nursing home placement).

What happens to your house when you move into a nursing home?

If you get help from Medicaid to pay for the nursing home, the state must attempt to recoup from your estate whatever benefits it paid for your care. This is called “estate recovery,” and given the rules for Medicaid eligibility, the only property of substantial value that a Medicaid recipient is likely to own at death is his or her home.

Can a parent move to a nursing home with Medicaid?

This rule allows a parent to transfer his/her home to his/her adult child under the following circumstances without violating the look back period. First, the adult child must have lived with his/her parent at least two years prior to the parent moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility paid for by Medicaid.