Do you know what a healthy church looks like?

Do you know what a healthy church looks like?

In the same way that many today do not understand what a healthy family or home looks like because of bad experiences or models, many also don’t know what a healthy church looks like. We have so many unhealthy churches these days—churches that don’t preach the Word of God, churches that have no unity or the members aren’t serving.

Do you think the church should provide health care?

The other side would not disagree that the church can and should provide health care; they would add that the government can be formed as to live out church values. To say that health care is a matter of Christianity is not merely to say that Jesus commands his followers to heal the sick.

Is there a need for more church workers?

Yes, there is a need for more labourers, but as Jesus said, we must pray that God will send the right labourers. Because it is not everyone who comes forward to serve that is sent by God.

What makes a good worker in the House of God?

The following qualities are important for those who will be effective workers in the house of God, but that does not mean that all must be possessed before any Christian should come forward to work or be allowed to work in the house of God:

Why are pastors wives under pressure in husbands ministries?

One of Johnson’s clients spoke of it in this way: “Because of the problems I was facing at home with my husband (difficulty connecting and communicating) and all the demands on my time at the church, I was starting to resent the church, my husband and God. Eventually, everything just piled on top of everything. It’s too hard being in ministry.

Can a pastor’s wife burn out after 30 years?

“One client of mine suffering incredible burnout after a 30-year marriage that started out planting churches, choked back the tears when she expressed that not once had she received a handwritten note of thanks from the board or church members over her contributions to her husband’s success as a church planter.”

Can a pastor’s wife work with a pastor?

“Most pastors’ wives I deal with are heartbroken that they work alongside their husbands in so many capacities, yet there is no recognition for the important work they do, Johnson has observed.

Who is Trudy Johnson, Pastors Wives World?

Trudy Johnson has a blog called “Pastors’ Wives World” on her Website,, where pastors’ wives can connect and comment about their lives anonymously. She also offers individual and group retreat counseling sabbaticals to pastors’ wives.