Modern Prose

Here we have book reviews for modern prose of talented and often well-known authors from all the world

“The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” by Agatha Christie

I have to acknowledge a couple of things. Firstly, women, having a pencil with elegance and ease, handle with respect. For that ladies, who places about the investigator style – dual regard. Subsequently, I reread a few of every time I discover particulars and fresh products, which are skipped the very first time around, and […]

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“Titus Groa” by Mervyn Peake

“Titus Groa” – the first part of a trilogy about the Gormenghast castle. Mervyn Peake universe subtly changed: just tune in to the gloomy atmosphere of the Gothic novel, a text turns into a family saga with Dickensian sentimentalism, then everything melts into a surreal haze, and the author ironically alludes to the avant-garde ideas […]

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“Slaughterhouse-Five” by Kurt Vonnegut

The first impression that I remember from ancient, the very first reading of the book – this discrepancy name. I do not know how things are in other people – but I have (after all re-read bestsellers, apparently) called “Slaughterhouse-Five” conjures up a variety of images … and does not coincide with the actual content […]

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“The voice of a big city” by O. Henry

Only once in his life met, well, exactly as in the old romances. I think that everyone, sick literary readings in hard drinking, found once its first author. The one who managed to permanently and completely conquer it with their creativity. As in love, but this does not pass ever. Logically, the circumstances of the […]

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“The Glass Bead Game” by Hermann Hesse

Already I cannot remember where or when, but one day met this idea that the basis of all the arts and sciences of humanity lie music, mathematics and philosophy. Here anyone can set our priorities, links or attachments one entry to another. This relatively uncomplicated idea stayed in my mind forever, and at the first […]

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“The Unbearable Lightness of Being” by Milan Kundera

“Using the metaphors to become trifled with. Actually from the metaphor that is solitary can provide start to love.” Generally, study a guide that will be well known for – dying trigger. Additionally, after I first used the currently famous at that time, “Being’s Unbearable Lightness”, subsequently experienced a disappointment that was natural. The name […]

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World Literature. “Shifted America”

Here is before me a book written by John. D. Salinger, a mysterious man from the United States and translated Yakovlevna Rita Wright-Kovaleva, my neighbor in the house to the second Airport. The talent of a writer and outstanding talent interprets people from each other so far, in a small book for a new Russian […]

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The Marches – Personality and the land-living

If you are considering constructing a wall that is very large, why not begin by reading Rory fascinating fresh novel. A Trip between Scotland and Britain. In its first area, Stewart explains walking—sometimes combined with his then 89-year old dad— along Walls, that the Romans constructed in North Britain to keep the barbarians out. A […]

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