Can you sue for post-concussion syndrome?

Can you sue for post-concussion syndrome?

Yes, you can sue for post-concussion syndrome. People most often seek legal assistance from an attorney when the culpable party’s insurance company isn’t forthcoming with the help they need.

How do you prove post-concussion syndrome?

There is no definitive test for post-concussion syndrome. Diagnosis is mainly based on a history of head injury and reported symptoms. A physical exam, and perhaps a CT or MRI scan of the head, may be done to evaluate symptoms.

What happens to the head after a concussion?

Depending on how the injury happened, a concussion might be accompanied by superficial head injuries like cuts or bruising, neck or other body injuries. Concussion can occur after a blow to the head, including being hit by or colliding with a person or object, or the head hitting the ground or a piece of furniture after a fall.

How to reduce the risk of post concussive syndrome?

There is some evidence to suggest that not resting appropriately after the initial injury might make post concussive syndrome more likely. The only way to reduce the risk of concussion is to reduce the chance of blows to the head, and to use protective equipment to lessen the potential impact of blows or falls.

What to do if your boss is threatening to terminate you?

Review your position description or ask for a position description, if you are not sure what your job duties entail. Lack of clarity and poor communication can drive a wedge between employees and management. Your priorities must align with the expectations and values of your boss.

Do you need to rest after a concussion?

Rest, both physical and mental, is necessary after a concussion, so that the brain has time to heal. Asking too much of the brain in the days after concussion could prolong symptoms or make them worse.

What is the average workers comp settlement for post concussion syndrome?

Some of you may have to deal with its symptoms long-term, while others will experience the resolution of symptoms within a few months or a year. The average workers comp settlement amount for post-concussion syndrome ranges from $50,000.00 to $105,000.00 or more.

What happens to a person with post concussion syndrome?

Post-Concussion Syndrome May Develop After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Limit Your Ability to Work and Complete Activities of Daily Living. This Article Explains What You Should Consider When Determining the Settlement Value of Post-Concussion Syndrome in Personal Injury Cases.

What to do with post concussive syndrome workers comp?

Workers compensation covers prescription medicines for post-concussive syndrome. Psychotherapy/Counseling: Meeting with a psychologist or counselor for one-on-one therapy sessions, or joining a support group with other traumatic brain injury survivors, can help you recover and heal.

What do employers need to know about concussions?

Remove tripping hazards. Make sure walkways and workspaces are free of clutter, cords, puddles of water or anything else that could cause a slip, trip or fall. Use proper signage to alert employees of wet surfaces. Use handrails when taking the stairs. Avoid standing on chairs, desks or tables. Use a step stool instead.