Can a respiratory therapist work from home?

Can a respiratory therapist work from home?

Work from home respiratory therapy positions focus on assisting patients with breathing issues or other conditions that affect the lungs. A remote respiratory therapist is a telemedicine professional, meaning you use the internet or telephone to communicate with patients and to monitor their condition.

What do home health respiratory therapists do?

A home health care respiratory therapist provides patient care for people suffering from chronic or acute respiratory illnesses. When providing care in a home setting, you offer services that improve a disease sufferer’s quality of life through therapy, medications, and the use of specialized equipment.

What is a DME respiratory therapist?

In DME respiratory therapy jobs, RTs perform non-invasive procedures on patients with impaired breathing function, such as that caused by asthma, emphysema or other chronic conditions. DME respiratory therapists work in hospitals, clinics, medical centers, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes.

Is respiratory therapy a profession?

Respiratory Therapists must be licensed to work in California. Most employers may also require Therapists to maintain a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification.

What kind of medical equipment do you need for Respiratory Therapy?

Home Medical Equipment, Supplies, and Respiratory Therapy 1 Nasal cannulas 2 Humidifiers 3 Oxygen masks 4 Oxygen connectors and tubing 5 25 ft. oxygen tubing 6 50 ft. oxygen tubing 7 Water traps

Where can I get medical equipment for home?

MedCare’s product suite includes: By meeting your medical equipment and respiratory therapy needs, we empower you to live safely and independently at home. For more details, visit MedCare’s website or call 1-800-503-5554. Visit our website.

What kind of medical equipment does MedCare use?

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