Can a registered nurse be exempt from the FLSA?

Can a registered nurse be exempt from the FLSA?

Depending on several factors, including education, licensing, duties and pay rates, a nurse may be exempt from the FLSA’s overtime rules. The Department of Labor’s rules implementing the Fair Labor Standards Act specifically categorizes registered nurses as non-exempt, meaning that they must be paid overtime.

Can a nurse be classified as a nonexempt employee?

Healthcare employers should review their process for classifying nurses to ensure that a thorough evaluation has been done to determine whether the nurse is entitled to overtime and minimum wages as a nonexempt employee. Misclassification can be a costly mistake.

Who is exempt from overtime pay for registered nurses?

The DOL historically had indicated that registered nurses who were registered by an appropriate state examining board and who were paid at least the minimum weekly rate would be classified as exempt, but licensed practical nurses (“LPNs”) generally did not qualify as exempt learned professionals regardless of work experience and training.

What’s the difference between exempt and non exempt employees?

The FLSA makes a distinction between exempt and non-exempt employees, with the latter receiving overtime and wage protection. Unless exempt from the FLSA, employees must be paid a certain minimum wage for all hours worked and are entitled to receive overtime pay at a rate not less than time and one-half their regular rate of pay.

Who is considered a non exempt employee?

Non-exempt employees are typically laborers, and considered to be blue-collar workers. The FLSA also determines certain employment laws and employment rights, such as the lowest amount of money that employers can legally pay their employees.

Is a nurse exempt or non exempt?

Exempt Status. Although nurses are initially presumed to be non-exempt, the types of duties they perform and the amount of pay they receive may make them exempt under the FLSA , and therefore ineligible for overtime pay. Nurse supervisors who primarily manage other nurses and nursing operations are exempt under the statute.

Are nurses exempt from overtime?

When these working lunches and breaks are not compensated, it can often qualify as overtime work. Some healthcare companies may say that their nurses are exempt from receiving overtime pay because their employee is salaried. Claiming that nurses are exempt from overtime because they are salaries is not necessarily true.

What are exempt and non exempt employees?

In the United States, under the Fair Labor Standards Act, employees are categorized as exempt and non-exempt employees. Typically, exempt employees work as executives or managers. Non-exempt employees are typically laborers, and considered to be blue-collar workers.