Can a prospective employer ask you anything at a job interview?

Can a prospective employer ask you anything at a job interview?

A job interview is a chance for a prospective employer to collect as much information about a candidate as possible. However, job applicants have legal rights even before they become employees, and federal and state laws prohibit prospective employers from asking certain questions that aren’t relevant to your ability to do the job.

What should I know about applying for jobs?

1. I applied for a job and they told my current employer about it I’m currently employed but am exploring the possibility of moving to a different part of the country and have recently been putting out applications. As it turns out, a resume I sent to one company made it into the hands of someone who used to work with my current boss.

Can a prospective employer really ask that in Australia?

Discrimination based on your sexuality, marital status or gender identity is against the law in Australia, so questions about your marital status are off limits. Your marital or relationship status should be irrelevant to any job that you take or apply for. Are you entitled to work in Australia?

Can a prospective employer ask for my previous salary?

Even if you agree to provide evidence of your current/previous salary, you should be careful that your GDPR rights are not violated. GDPR requires that any information to be collected must be adequate, relevant, and limited to what is required for the purposes for which it is collected¹. They must inform you what they need and what for.

Can a prospective employer ask for my current or past?

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and some (but not all) courts, your prior salary alone is not a sufficient reason to pay you less than a male employee performing the same job. Need a lawyer? Start here. Please select…

When to ask for accommodation during the hiring process?

An employer may tell all applicants what the hiring process involves (for example, an interview, timed written test, or job demonstration), and then ask whether they will need a reasonable accommodation for this process. (See Question 16 for a discussion about employers asking about an applicant’s need for reasonable accommodation for the job.)

Are there good questions to ask a potential employer?

22 IMPRESSIVE Questions to Ask a Potential Employer in 2020! Do you think it’s important to prepare questions to ask a potential employer? YES IT IS! Most interviews will end with a chance for you to ask a few questions.

When to ask for a background check after an interview?

Employers usually start the background check process after a successful interview and might send you a tentative job offer while they are waiting for information to get back to them. Employers ask if they can contact your previous employers for several reasons: